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Thank you for your interest in Nurse Vancouver. In order to fast track your application, please fill out the questionnaire below and attach your curriculum vitae/resume in the form entry field provided at Step 5. Upon receipt, one of our International Nurse Recruitment Specialists will contact you.
Step 1: General Contact Info
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Nursing Times
Nurse Vancouver
Nursing Jobs Australia
Australia Nursing Journal
Nurse Week / Nursing Spectrum
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Step 2: Employment Preferences
Do you have a preference for which health authority you are referred to? Yes No  (If yes, please indicate below).
You are applying for:

Registered Nurse / Registered General Nurse
Registered Psychiatric Nurse / Mental Health Nurse
Other - please specify:

In which clinical area would you most prefer to work?
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Professional strengths you offer:

What type of nursing do you thrive in?
Do you have "in-charge/supervisory" experience?

Yes – please specify if frequently or limited experience:

Do you have “Preceptoring / Mentoring” experience?

Yes – please specify if frequently or limited experience:

Do you have formal “Educator” experience?

Yes – please advise if this included facilitating group processes, program design, development, implementation and evaluation.

Do you have international nursing experience?

Yes – please specify where:

Preference - practice setting:
Sub Acute
Acute Rehab
Acute Psychiatry
Elderly / Gerontology
Community / Public Health
Community Mental Health
Specialty – please specify:
Big/Medium/Small (size of hospital) – please specify:

Other - please specify:

Preference - location setting:
Urban Vancouver (city of Vancouver only)
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Small Town
Rural small community
Coastal small community

Other - please specify:

Knowledge of Vancouver:
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Have family/friends in area – where?
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Other – please specify:

What are your plans for working in Vancouver?

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Seeking permanent residency

Do you plan to come to Vancouver:

With another RN - please advise name:

Has she/he also applied to Nurse Vancouver? Yes No
Friend or Partner
Step 3: Employment Status
Nursing Registration Status in Canada:

To practice as a nurse in Canada you must obtain licensure from the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) or the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of British Columbia (CRPNBC).

Have you written and passed the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE) or the Canadian Registered Psychiatric Nurse Exam (CRPNE)
Have you received notice of eligibility to sit the above examination for Registered Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse?
Do you have an application in process with the CRNBC / CRPNBC?
 If so, when did you submit it and what is the status:
Have you requested an application kit from CRNBC / CRPNBC?

Immigration Status to Work in Canada
Canadian citizen
Landed immigrant / permanent residency status
I have an application in process with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Please advise if you applied for a temporary visa or permanent residency and what the status of your application is:

Need Employment Authorization / Work Visa
When would you be able to begin employment?

Step 4: Your Profile
The following information will assist in expediting your application, but is optional.
What is your nurse education level:
Education obtained in (country):
Baccalaureate and/or Undergraduate Degree
Education obtained in
Master’s Degree
Education obtained in
Did your nursing education include theory and clinical components in all 5 disciplines of nursing?
Yes     No
(Please provide a break down of estimated weeks/hours in both theory & clinical.)
Med/Surg – Acute Care:
Gerontology / Elderly Care:
Obstetrics / Labour & Delivery:
Mental Health / Psychiatry:
Specialty Nursing Education (Please advise of Certificate obtained, Length of Course and Year obtained:
Present Position (please elaborate, outside of your CV/resume):
Type of facility:
Number of beds - if applicable:
Job title:
Types of patients cared for:
Nurse/Patient ratio:
Step 5: Attach Your Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  Attach your curriculum vitae/resume
Additional information you would like to share in support of your application to NurseVancouver:

Vancouver, Canada - Business Hours: 0800 – 1600
Time Conversions for other Countries:
New York, New York, USA 1100 – 1900 same day
London, England, UK 1600 – 2400 same day
Melbourne, Australia 0300 – 1100 next day
Auckland, New Zealand 0500 – 1300 next day
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